Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2

Control Your Computer, Simplify Your Life

Table of Contents & Excerpts

  1. Have a Clear and Concise Purposewhat makes a good command-line app
  2. Be Easy To Use (excerpt)learn the parts of the command-line and how to accept options
  3. Be Helpfuleasily and simply create amazing online help for your apps
  4. Play Well with Others (excerpt)the “UNIX Way” makes your apps extensible and interoperable
  5. Delight Casual Users (excerpt)delight users with sensible defaults
  6. Make Configuration Easymake expert users happy by being configurable
  7. Distribute Painlesslyget your apps installed anywhere
  8. Test, test, testdesign and build a robust app that doesn’t break
  9. Be Easy To Maintainmake developing for your app a joy
  10. Add Color, Formatting, and Interactivitybreak the rules to create a fun and engaging experience
  1. Common Command-Line Gems and LibrariesLearn about Thor, main, methadone, trollop and more